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How to Download Threads Videos, Images and GIFs using Save My Threads??

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1. Open the Threads app on your smartphone and go to the post you want to download media files. It can be any post with a video, image, or GIF.

2. Click the Share icon at the bottom of the post.

Save My Threads - Copy Post Link

3. A pop-up will appear. Tap the Copy Link button.

Save My Threads - Copy Post Link

4. The Threads post's link will be copied to your smartphone's clipboard.

5. Then, open the Save My Threads webpage ( on any web browser available on your smartphone.

6. Now, tap the Paste from Clipboard button to paste the post link. You can also double-tap the URL area (Paste a video URL box) and paste the link.

7. Click the Download button. Within seconds, the media file will be available for download.

8. For videos, you will get two options. Click the JPG button to download the thumbnail of the video. To download the video, click the MP4 button.

Save My Threads - Download Video

9. For images, you will get only the JPG button to download the image.

Save My Threads - Download Image

10. The media file will be downloaded to your device.


Currently, the Threads platform is not offering any feature to save posts. There is no bookmark-like feature available in Threads. You can only share the link with your friends to access it later. Instead of sharing the link with your friends, you can use the link in the Save My Threads platform and download the Videos, GIFs, and Images.

  • Quickest Tool

  • Save My Threads is the quickest web tool to download videos, images, and GIFs from Threads. No matter how large the video is, you will get the download link within a second. The downloading speed will vary based on your internet connection.

  • Free Tool

  • You can use the Save My Threads tool for free without any changes. There is no hidden fee or any other subscription plan in Save My Threads.

  • No Limit

  • In Save My Threads, you can download videos, images, and GIFs without any limitations. There is no restriction on video size and count.

  • Cross-Platform

  • You can use the Save My Threads on devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets, and browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Vivaldi, Arc, and more.

  • No Signup

  • You can use the tool without any signup or registration process.

  • Safest Tool

  • Save My Threads is a safe and secure platform for downloading Threads media files.

  • Standard Format

  • Using the Save My Threads tool, you can download images in JPG and videos in MP4 format. These two are the universal formats that can be accessed on any smart device.

  • Easy Access

  • The downloaded files can be easily accessed on any device. All the downloaded files will be available in the default Downloads folder.

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Got questions? We’re here to help!

Here some frequently asked questions

Can I download a Threads text-only post?

No, as there is no media file in the post, you can’t download it. If you want, you can screenshot the Threads post on your smartphone and save it offline.

Can I use Save My Threads on my iPhone?

Yes, you can use the Save My Threads platform on iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device and download media files.

Is Save My Threads free to use?

Yes. Save My Threads is a free tool to use. There is no hidden fees or subscription to access the platform. You can use the website without any subscriptions.

Can I download videos from Threads private account?

You can’t download videos, images, and GIFs from Threads private account using the Save My Threads website. You have to follow the Threads account to download its posts.

Is it possible to download GIFs on Save My Threads?

Yes, Save My Threads is the first platform to extend its download support feature to GIFs.

Can I download Threads photos and videos from any user?

No, Save My Threads will work only on public accounts. You can’t download images, videos, or GIFs from a private account.

Where can I find the Save My Thread downloaded files?

The downloaded files will be saved in the default Downloads folder for PCs. For smartphones, the files will be available in the Storage → Downloads folder.

Is using Save My Threads legal?

Yes, Save My Threads is 100% legal. You can download any media content from any public profile on Threads. But, using the downloaded content on other social media platforms without the user’s consent is illegal.

If I download Threads videos using a third-party tool, will my Threads account be banned?

No signup process is required in the Save My Thread platform to download videos. So, your Threads account will be protected.


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